Pearl Care 101

by Anna Semiachko August 05, 2018

Pearl Care 101

Are pearls forever? Yes, they are if you follow some basic rules you can keep their luster last for generations.

Pearl is a gemstone of an organic origin. The fact that it’s born “in the wild” makes it a rather enduring material. However, for the same reason pearls require extra attention when it comes to cleaning, storage and everyday care.

Wearing is Caring

When putting on your favorite pearl strand or earrings, make sure the pearls don’t come in contact with cosmetic products such as moisturizers, sunscreen, perfume, hairspray etc. Avoid contact with cleaning products, chemicals and other synthetic substances.

Anything that contains acids including human sweat or fruit juices can harm the pearl surface.

  • We advise to wear pearl jewelry last, after you are finished with makeup and hairstyle.
  • Take off your pearls when taking a shower: shampoo and body wash might affect them.
  • If you are wearing pearls while doing sports, give them a wipe with a dry soft cloth to remove sweat or any other particles that can cause a negative reaction with the pearl surface.

Pearl Cleaning

We advise giving pearls a light wipe every time after wearing them. It is good to give them a deeper clean using a bit of natural coconut oil once a week.

You can use a bit of water with a drop of baby shampoo or other delicate soap, but make sure you remove it from the pearl really quick and not let the soapy water sit on it.

Following these guidelines will preserve your pearls and make them always look like on the day you first got them.

If you notice that your pearls start to lose their original luster over time or due to inappropriate maintenance, the easiest way to solve the problem is to bring your jewel to one of Namaka stores and our pearl specialists will take care of it.

Do not use harsh brushes to clean your pearls or anything that can scratch their surface. 


Pearls like to be worn, they need air and hydration. Don’t keep them in a safety box over a long period of time; this environment can be too dry for the pearls. Severe dehydration can cause tiny cracks on their surface.

  • If you need to store them in an enclosed environment for a long period of time – put a small vessel with water into the storage space.
  • Try to keep the pearls separated from other jewelry with sharp edges that can scratch them.
  • Consider keeping them in a bag made of soft natural cloth (can be silk or cotton).
  • Don’t store the pearls in plastic as it can release chemicals dangerous for the pearl surface.

This way the pearls will live and shine brightly ever after and bring joy to their owner.  

“Hold one up and then caress it….. Touch it, stroke it and undress it... For when love's gone they'll luster on….”

Anna Semiachko
Anna Semiachko


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