Constellation Pendant - 925 White Silver RH - Cubic Zirconia

Constellation Tahitian Pearl Pendant - 925 White Silver RH
The Constellation Pendant is a truly beautiful design. It has lines of 925 Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated looped around a ringed constellation pattern.  It’s suggestive of the mysteries of the cosmos, while still being a perfect choice for a night out here on earth. The Pendant is offset with a stunning Tahitian Pearl.


The Constellation Pendant is the perfect gift for the discerning lady in your life. The white loops of 925 Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated, perfectly highlight the shimmering beauty of the Tahitian Pearl.

Namaka Stores offer a special service to all customers: you can pick from more than 1000 loose pearls the ones you love and the team will mount them for you into the pendant within an hour.

Collections: *From $99 to $199

Type: Pendant

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