Director Pen - Chrome - Black Edition

NAMAKA brings smooth and iridescent mother of pearl to center stage with the exquisite PINCTADA COLLECTION, adding a fragment of opulent island allure to what otherwise is business as usual.
The distinct, chrome-plated DIRECTOR PEN steals the spotlight in luxurious black mother of pearl, exclusively created from Black-Lip Pearl Oysters farmed in tranquil lagoons by the infamous NAMAKA Pearl Farmer Family.

This functional piece of elegant art makes quite the statement and conveniently comes as both a fountain and a safety ceramic roller pen. NAMAKA crafted the DIRECTOR PEN keeping in mind function in form, strength in beauty, and appreciation for an impeccably-crafted writing instrument whose smooth and even stroke is pure perfection.

For those in charge, who govern, who control, who direct. For the director in business, in life and in spirit.

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