Hera Bracelet - Waxed Cord 1,5mm




“HERA” by NAMAKA is a handmade bracelet weaved with waxed cotton exhibiting a stunning hand-carved Tahitian pearl. The cord is gracefully weaved in a “Carrick Bend” knot that encloses the 9 mm pearl engraved with a unique pattern.



In Tahitian tradition pearl symbolizes fertility and renaissance, thus the bracelet gets its name from Hera the goddess of marriage, family and birth of antiquity. The symbolic fusion of this bracelet illustrates living in harmony and balance with nature.



The waxed cotton cord used for all Natura Collection items is waterproof and highly enduring. You can wear Hera bracelet every day without worrying to damage it or lose it. The cord is adjustable that allows to achieve preferable size and favor any lifestyle.



Hera bracelet comes in 4 different colors: black, white, brown and dark brown.



For all the handmade collections, NAMAKA team uses hand-carved Tahitian pearls harvested in French Polynesia.



To finish off the overall look we've added the 13 mm Namaka brand tag made of genuine Tahitian mother-of-pearl (shell of Pinctada Margaritifera Cumingii, the Tahitian black lip oyster).



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