Huero Egg - Diamond - Black Edition

NAMAKA brings smooth and iridescent mother of pearl to center stage with the exquisite PINCTADA COLLECTION, adding a fragment of opulent island allure to what otherwise is “business as usual.”

The oblong shape might render the egg paperweight comparison, but the Huero does more than secure stationery. This elegant but robust piece of functional art holds a resilient and eye-catching stance with its marble center and mother of pearl overlay, set securely atop a uniquely-shaped stand inspired by the whimsical form of a broad, full-blown sail.

The Huero ranges six to eight centimetres in height, 13 to 15 centimetres in diameter and is customizable with a Diamond design and Black mother of pearl, exclusively from Black-Lip Pearl Oysters farmed in tranquil lagoons by the infamous TAHITI PEARL MARKET.

NAMAKA crafted the Huero keeping in mind function in form, strength in beauty, and appreciation for an impeccably-crafted, timeless masterpiece.

Not just an egg, and so much MORE than just a paperweight…

Materials: marble, mother of pearl (MOP)

Height: 6-8 cm

Diameter: 13-15cm

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